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With your help, we built an accessibility ramp and a safety fence in Jamaica

We did it!

Thanks to everyone who donated to this project. We couldn't have done this without the amazing support of everyone who donated to the GoFundMe.

Project Update:

We finished with the retaining wall, ramp and fence construction!

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About the Project

For a detailed project report pdf click here

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Pictured here are the students at Hayfield Primary and Infant School at a Christmas party

The mission of the Hayfield Accessibility Ramp Project is to create a more accessible and safe school for the students, faculty and community members in Jamaica.

Our two goals are:

1) Build an accessibility ramp to allow persons with disabilities access to the school.

2) Build a safety fence around the play field to prevent another student from falling down the steep drop-off.


Alrick has to carry his son up 31 stairs every morning and evening

There are three phases to this project. We are now in 

Phase 3: Construction

Phase 1

Design the project and make a budget

Phase 2

Fundraise money through Gofundme

Phase 3

Work with the community to build

Video Update

Hello everyone! The Hayfield Accessibility Ramp Project was recently featured on the popular YouTube channel called Ras Kitchen. We are so thankful for Matthew for putting together this amazing video that captures the project and the beautiful community in Hayfield! Enjoy the video and thank you so much for all of the support! 

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